Increase in all key indicators in the Kofola Group

In the first three quarters of the current year Kofola Group reported a growth in sales by 16.3% to PLN 844.4 m, which is the best result in the history of the Group. During this period all other key financial indicators also increased: gross margin increased by 27.2%, EBITDA by 34.6% and EBIT by 53.7%. A significant impact on the Group’s good results, like in the first half of this year, resulted from the acquisition of Slovenian company Radenska and distribution of Rauch beverages. The best results were recorded in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, while sales in Poland slightly declined.

Sales of soft drinks in the Czech Republic was higher by 15.6% and Slovakia 13.8%. March acquisition of the Slovenian company Radenska significantly contributed to the growth of total sales. A very good result was recorded also by the bars selling UGO fresh fruit and vegetable juices, which increased revenues by 65% per annum. Direct distribution of beverages in the Czech Republic, implemented in the Group in the past year has a positive impact on the Group’s results as well. On the Polish market sales slightly declined.

“The best result that we have achieved since the founding of the Group obviously makes us very happy, but much more interesting to us is what else we can do for the future of the company. In recent months, we have done a lot of work, which should bring fruit in the future. We moved the official headquarters from Poland to Czech Republic, we opened a new pilot “NAGRILU” restaurant in Prague at Jindřišská street , the campaign of Kofola brand achieved a big success, we also paid much attention to our new brand: Radenska, which translates into revenues “- sums up Jannis Samaras, CEO of Kofola Group.

In the last two years Kofola Group developed significantly. We added new brands which we lacked to our portfolio, thus building up our position in the soft drinks market. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia we launched the exclusive distribution of juices of Austrian company Rauch, but also brands of premium mineral water Evian and Badoit and traditional mineral water Vincentka from a curative source.

Due to increased demand for more healthy drinks in recent years, the Group clearly focused on the development of such products. 100% fruit and vegetable juices under UGO brand were introduced to the offer, while at the same time UGO and Mangaloo restaurant chains with fresh juices were taken over. Thanks to the acquisition of UGO, Kofola Group has become the largest entity running bars with fresh juices in Central Europe.

In recent years, besides the innovation, Kofola Group has also focused on growth through acquisitions. After the March acquisition of Slovenian mineral water brand Radenska in June, the representatives of the Group signed another contract. Under the contract the company will obtain 40% of stake in the second largest producer of soft drinks in Slovakia, Water Holding group. It is known mainly for mineral water brands such as: Budiš, Zlate Studne, Gemerka, Fatra and Šofokola – cola drink. To complete the transaction and the purchase of the Water Holding  the approval of the transaction by the Slovakian antitrust office is needed.